Review of The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses, including Coronavirus, Are Not the Cause of Disease by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell

I think it’s really important that we try to understand illness and coronavirus in a new light and break free of this mentality that we need to fear each other – stay 6 feet apart, don’t shake hands, wear a mask all the time-even in between bites of food as Governor Gavin Newsom over in California suggested and, worst of all, lockdown cities when case numbers get too high.

Dr. Cowan in his book presents a different perspective (theory if you may) on how we get sick and why the coronavirus is not to blame. I mean, first, we should go over the predominant theory of why we get a cold, the flu, or coronavirus. First, a foreign virus comes into my body and starts attacking/hijacking my cells to produce copies of itself. The body mounts an immune response to engulf or kill the infected cells and rid my body of the virus. The immune response creates symptoms such as fever to try to kill the virus or thick mucus we must expel which contains the virus and cellular debris from the infected cells. The body then creates antibodies to remember the virus so if it comes in again it can be quickly eliminated before it can go on the attack and make me sick.

Under that theory, it’s no fault of mine that I got sick. I had no responsibility in the matter. I was just an unlucky bastard who breathed it in from someone else and then that virus went haywire in my body and started attacking.

Dr. Cowan turns that theory on its head and tries to prove that it actually is my fault in a way. I got sick, not because of an evil virus that I have no control over, but because I haven’t been taking good care of my body. There are toxins in my body, maybe from the air I’m breathing, the processed food I’m eating, a negative emotional/mental state, stress, or electromagnetic radiation, etc.. that my body needs to clean out. He explains that illness is the body’s way of cleansing cells that are damaged due to toxins or EMF exposure.

So when you get sick, and you have a runny or stuffy nose, and a cough, maybe you’re coughing up mucus, or you have inflammation in your throat—what your body is doing is cleaning out toxins from infected cells and you produce thick mucus through which cellular debris and waste products from this detoxification is expelled. Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who prescribes to a near identical theory, says the swelling in your throat increases blood flow which brings nutrients to the site and lets those waste products be taken away and sent to the liver and kidneys.1 On the issue of fever Cowan says one purpose of that is to elevate the temperature, which he says partially liquefies the liquid gel in cells allowing toxins to be flushed out in mucus.

The role of a virus then could be to help your body get rid of these toxins, or it could be bacteria which eat up the toxins. Interestingly, with the bacteria, Dr. Cowan makes the analogy of putting a dead squirrel in your compost pile. Flies, maggots and bacteria will come to decompose the squirrel and clean it up so to speak. But no one would say that the compost pile has an infection. Well, he thinks the same thing is happening in your body when you get sick. The bacteria are there to “clean up” cells that are not healthy, or sick with toxins.

He claims that viruses are actually exosomes, which can be produced endogenously in your own body.

In his own words, “exosomes have exactly the same attributes as “viruses.” They are the same size, contain the same components, and act on the same receptors.”

“When a living organism is threatened in almost any way—through starvation, chemical poisoning, or electromagnetic effects—the cells and tissues have a mechanism for “packaging,” “propagating” and releasing these poisons.”

To be more succinct, viruses/exosomes are: “toxin-gobbling messengers that our cells produce to help us adjust to environmental assaults, including electro smog.”

So, here are some of the compelling reasons to think this theory may be true.

Asymptomatic cases – For covid-19 estimates range from 30% to over 50% of people who have the virus don’t have symptoms, meaning they don’t have the disease that the virus is supposed to cause. This is true for other viral and bacterial illnesses as well. For instance, only 1 in 10 people get sick from the bacterium which causes Tuberculosis. That’s 90% asymptomatic! For Polio, the rate of asymptomatic cases is a ridiculous 95%. Almost everyone with the polio virus in their body doesn’t develop the illness.

Now, this should make you scratch your head. This is supposed to be a killer virus, but half the people who have it don’t get sick at all. This just goes to show you, even if a virus is involved in an illness, it can’t be fully blamed for it when you have so many people who have it and don’t get sick.

Well Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Cowan would explain that this is an exosome (which is same thing as a virus, just a different name) that you may have picked up through the air from someone else, but equally as likely is that your body produced it on its own in response to a specific kind of toxin, or you may have even picked it up through the body’s interaction with other people’s electromagnetic fields. Let’s be honest, we are electro-chemical beings. Our hearts and brains and bodies produce electromagnetic fields which extend about 5 yards or meters from our bodies.2 So when you’re standing within 5 meters from another person, your respective energy fields are overlapping and communicating. Information can be exchanged during that time, which Dr. Cowan would call resonance.

There is experimental evidence for this according to Dr. Cowan. Here’s how he describes an experiment carried out by Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier. In the experiment, he placed DNA or RNA into a beaker of water. That’s beaker 1. In another beaker of water, he placed a collection of nucleic acids, the building blocks of DNA or RNA. That’s beaker 2. So, beaker 1 contained fully formed DNA or RNA, whereas beaker 2 contained the building blocks that could be arranged into DNA or RNA. These beakers were in the same room but separated by distance. He then shined an energy source on beaker 1, like UV or infrared light. He found that in time, the exact same sequence of DNA or RNA will form out of the raw materials in beaker two. The only possible explanation is some form of energetic information transfer, or resonance. Some signal is going through the air, or electromagnetic field, from beaker 1 which informs beaker 2 of how to arrange its nucleic acids into the correct order to create that snippet of DNA or RNA.3 That, at least, is a bare bones basic description of what happened in the experiment according to Dr. Cowan.

We all know information travels through electromagnetic waves. Wifi is the perfect example. Information travels in waves through the air to your smartphone, which then decodes that information and displays the information on your screen. Well, Luc Montagnier showed that the same phenomenon can happen biologically.

Dr. Cowan says: “viruses or exosomes are simply packages of DNA or RNA, they emit their own resonant frequencies.” Therefore, you could have picked up the coronavirus frequency through a connection with another person’s electromagnetic field, which extends beyond the body, and your body subsequently made the exosome, or virus, in your own body using that information. Your body created an identical package of genetic code called a virus based upon the information it picked up through the field. However, you won’t get sick unless there is a purpose or reason for the illness.

So, a lot of people aren’t getting sick because the specific toxicity which coronavirus works to detoxify isn’t a problem for them. Maybe they’re keeping out the toxin, or protecting themselves from its effects in other ways like eating right, getting plenty of sleep, low stress, whatever.

Have you ever noticed that you don’t get sick near as much when you’re getting plenty of sleep, have low stress, and a good diet. Well, I’ve noticed that. And Dr. Cowan’s theory is a good explanation as to why that is. Stress is a kind of toxin itself that can weaken cells, making them more susceptible to other toxins. Sleep is a time of bodily repair and cleansing, which, if in short supply, makes you more susceptible to getting sick. And of course good diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to keep your cells in tip top shape and keep the toxins out.

You can be around someone who has the flu and not get sick. It happens all the time. I have a wife who’s a nurse and she’s around sick people all the time. But she rarely gets sick. It’s not because she’s not breathing in viruses all the time from sick patients. She surely is. No, it’s because she doesn’t need to go through that particular cleansing which the virus provides.

So, why do we have a new virus causing excess deaths at this particular time. Dr. Cowan connects it to a new kind of “poisoning”, the electromagnetic kind, yes, that’s right—5G. It is true that shortly before coronavirus came on the scene, 5G started rolling out around the world.

He explains that high frequency electromagnetic fields like 5G can affect cell membrane permeability. Also, he says that if it’s transmitting in the 60 GHz range, it could affect our body’s ability to absorb oxygen.

Now, obviously 5G varies widely in frequency and scope. Some countries are implementing low or mid-band 5G which uses frequencies under 6 GHz. But there are very high frequency bands in the 20+ GHz range. And it’s also important to keep in mind that some people will be more sensitive than others to these frequencies. So, not everyone is going to have a problem with it.

He gives a few correlations in his book that suggest a connection between 5G and the virus. In Wuhan, for instance, 5G wireless was turned on in late September, 2019. Then there was a spike in cases in February, the same week that 5G was turned on for monitoring traffic.

He points out that in Europe, areas with the densest 5G coverage have the highest case numbers, with northern Italy having 22 times the number of cases as in Rome.

And he gives many more examples in his book. Now we have to be careful with that kind of logic because it can easily be biased. I’m not saying he’s wrong and that it is biased, I’m just saying that’s a possibility. I’m sure I could go cherry-picking my way through the data and find areas not covered by 5G yet that have more cases than a select few areas that have 5G. And the big question, if 5G is the true cause of the disease, is: Why is it spread all over the world even in areas not yet covered by 5G?

I’m not sure how he would answer that question. But it could be a case of resonance, as we talked about before. Maybe you’re near someone who has been exposed to 5G and his/her electromagnetic field communicates with your electromagnetic bodily field and sends the message that there’s a dangerous new radiation that your body should prepare for. Therefore, your body creates the exosome known as coronavirus to be ready if needed to combat its effects.

We see something similar in nature. Trees can communicate with other nearby trees to warn them of a beetle infestation. So, one tree that is being attacked and eaten by a swarm of beetles will somehow communicate with other nearby trees, which will pump out bug-repelling chemicals to prevent an attack.4

One other line of reasoning that leads to a connection to 5G is that we can look at past outbreaks of disease and correlate them to past rollouts of some new kind of electromagnetic frequency being pumped through the air. Cowan goes through the history of electromagnetic rollouts, starting in the 1870s with the rollout of telegraph lines. Around that time, a new disease called neurasthenia, which doctors noted spread along the routes of telegraph and railroad lines, started increasing in cases. Symptoms often resembled a cold or the flu.

Then we have the modern electrical era starting in 1889 which he correlates with flu pandemics that followed in the years to come. He talks about the year 1957 when radar was installed worldwide and he correlates that with the Asian Influenza Pandemic. Launching of communications satellites with pandemics, etc…

In more recent times, we have the advent of 3G which came out around the time of the SARS pandemic. You could connect the timing of 4G with the MERS pandemic. But some of these correlations are spurious, not because of the timing per say, but because of the concentrated nature of those pandemics in specific geographical areas. SARS cases were concentrated in and around China, with very few cases outside of that area. MERS was concentrated in Saudi Arabia with few cases outside of it. That’s not what you would expect if you thought the outbreaks were due to increases in wireless frequencies worldwide. No, you would expect to see an equal distribution of cases around the world, concentrated in areas with the densest 3 or 4G networks. That could be why Dr. Cowan only mentions those cases in passing.

One could also argue, though, that 3 and 4G simply weren’t at a high enough frequency to have a great impact on health around the world. However, 5G frequencies surpass a certain threshold where you will see a lot of people getting sick from its effects.

Remembering that correlation doesn’t mean causation, it’s a stretch to say these correlations constitute anything more than conjecture, speculation and a possible link. However, it’s perfectly reasonable to suspect that 5G and other EMF’s in our atmosphere could have an effect on our bodies. I mean, we are electro-chemical beings. If you’re interested in the science of how EMF radiation can damage cells, check out this website:

Regardless of whether or not 5G has anything to do with it, I do still think his overall theory of illness is a compelling one. It makes sense of how so many people can be asymptomatic. It also makes sense of my own experience remembering the times I got sick vs the times I went months or even a year without getting sick. The times I got sick frequently were the times I wasn’t sleeping enough combined with drinking too much, or had lots of stress. The cold or flu was my body telling me to slow down and a method of cleansing and repairing my cells. We all know we’re more susceptible to getting sick if we aren’t treating our bodies right—not sleeping enough, not eating right, too much stress, etc… These situations create an unhealthy environment in our body.

Dr. Cowan talks a lot about the crystalline nature of water in our cells and explains why this structured water is so critical for good health. He also talks a lot about diet and how a good diet can protect the gut lining, enhance the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, and keep toxins out of the bloodstream.

What about objections to his theory of illness. Well, he goes over a lot of the “What abouts….” in his book. What about smallpox brought over from Europe which wiped out the Native Americans? What about Polio? What about a sexually transmitted disease? I’ll let you read the book for his explanation about what’s really going on in those cases.

One big question I would present to him is: What about measles? That’s the one case where it seems evident to me that the vaccine worked and the USA went from an estimated 3 to 4 million cases a year5 down to tens of thousands of cases shortly after the vaccine was introduced, and today down to just a few sporadic outbreaks that never exceed more than a few hundred cases. You have to ask: How is that possible if the virus doesn’t cause the disease in the first place?

One interesting thing he does suggest is that the body likely creates “a chemical or protein that we call an antibody to mark this event”, where this event means the illness. In his view, the antibody is not there to protect us against anything, but to signal that we have gone through that particular detoxification process. Therefore, the body won’t go through it again, or anytime soon depending on the type of illness. He describes measles as a normal childhood illness; a process of detoxification, transformation, and growth. He rightfully points out there is some scientific evidence that children who have gone through and recovered from illness like the measles or chicken pox have lower rates of cancer and other diseases later in life.6

So, Dr. Cowan doesn’t really state this, but you could infer from all that that maybe by injecting the virus directly into the blood, you trick the body into thinking that it’s currently going through the disease or has already been through that disease (i.e. detoxification) and the body responds by creating antibodies which will prevent you from going through it again, even though you never had the disease in the first place. You simply had the exosome associated with that disease floating around in your blood or tissue.

Dr. Cowan actually spends a lot of time in the book explaining instances where the vaccine doesn’t actually work, but you can read the book for all those details.

In sum, Dr. Cowan presents a compelling theory about why we get sick and what role viruses and bacteria play in disease. He gives us hope, that no, we don’t have to live in fear of each other because other people don’t make you sick. You’re not gonna get sick because I cough on you. He even describes some early scientific studies on viruses where they did that exact experiment—had sick people cough all over healthy people. Guess what? The healthy people didn’t get sick. No, you’re going to get sick regardless of whether or not I cough on you if your body needs that illness. That’s a hard pill for most people to swallow and I’m sure a lot of people will rapidly think of objections to that theory and present cases that seem to contradict it.

  2. Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality. By Dawson Church, Hay House 2018.
  3. L Montagnier et al, “Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived From Bacterial DNA Sequences,” Interdiscip Sci. 1, no. 2 (June 2009): 81-90. doi: 10.1007/s12539-009-0036-7. Epub March 4, 2009.

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