UFOs and Aliens-Encounters With Star People: An Examination of the Phenomenon

The topic of UFOs and alien visitation has fascinated me since I was a wee child. It is an interesting topic in that there are scores of reports of flying objects that make incredible maneuvers and reach speeds unobtainable by current technological development. There are scores more reports of seeing actual landed craft with or without alien beings outside of it. And then there is the extreme phenomenon of abduction, whereby aliens experiment on humans.

On the one hand, we have all of the testimony from so many witnesses. And these are witnesses from all walks of life including scientists and professionals. Yet there is a dearth of physical evidence. On top of that, aliens haven’t exactly announced their presence to humans in a spectacular way. But there might be a reason for that.

It is a good thought experiment to think of what we would do if we were an advanced space-faring species who found another inhabited world in a different galaxy. Would we really just land on their white house lawn so to speak? I don’t think so. Probably the first thing would be to just stay as far away as possible and watch. We would want to study them from afar, learning as much as we can about these beings, how they interact, what they do, how advanced they are, etc… After learning as much as we could from afar, the next step would be to secretly travel down to the planet and collect samples of the beings and species that lived there. Yes, we would want to “abduct” a few of them and bring them aboard our space-ships for study.

Then there is the question of if we would ever, in fact, wish to “land on the white house lawn”, meet their scientists and give them all of our technology. What if they were an aggressive warring species such as ourselves. Would we be stupid enough to hand over technology to such a species? I hope not.

Imagine what would happen if aliens did land on the white house lawn. First of all, they would be shot at before they ever landed. Then, if they managed to land, their spaceship would be surrounded by military and police pointing guns at it. In all likelihood they would be killed, if for nothing else, just to be safe.

So, in this blog I want to go over what is reported from the witnesses and examine that in light of what we would logically expect from alien visitors. For this purpose, I have chosen to take accounts from retired Professor Emeritus at Montana State University Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s excellent series of books on Native American and Indigenous people’s experiences with UFOs. I choose her books for my study of this topic for a couple of reasons.

One is that her method of research is on point. As a Native American, she was able to establish credibility in Native American circles. She respected those who told her their stories and never judged. She just listened, asked questions and recorded their stories. She writes their stories in their own words with no “fluff” interpretation. It’s just the straight story as they told it.

More than that, she showed she cared. She would bring gifts for an elder. She would sometimes spend the whole day with them, talking about all kinds of things. Sometimes, she developed long-lasting relationships with the people she interviewed. The biggest thing is she gained trust amongst her constituents. Word got around that she was someone who could be trusted to openly listen and keep their story anonymous. These are not people out looking for publicity. Most people who have had an encounter do not want to share that encounter with other people, researchers included, for fear of people finding out and thinking they are crazy.

I also chose her books because the stories contained in them cover most of the themes encountered in the greater UFO/abduction literature. All the basic themes are there: missing time, marks on the body, extraction of blood and semen, warnings for Earth’s future, etc… So let’s dig in to what’s going on.

First of all, you may or may not be surprised to learn that the appearance of aliens differs widely among experiencers. They do not always, or even usually, see the typical gray made famous by Whitley Strieber’s book Communion. There are tall white aliens with long fingers, lizard like beings, blue muscular beings, and even aliens that look just like humans.

On the surface, you might make sense of this by asserting that there are many different species that visit Earth. It is a vast universe after all. There can’t be just one advanced civilization out there. However, there are also an ample amount of reports where it’s mentioned that these beings can take any form they wish and shapeshift. Here is one such encounter:

““He said it was difficult for his people to live on Earth, but the longer they stayed the easier it became. When I asked him why it was difficult because they appeared human, he told me that they could take the forms of humans, but they were not like humans. That’s when he told me it would be too difficult for me if I knew what he really looked like. I demanded to know, something I would soon regret.” “What do you mean?” “He showed his real self to me.” “What did he look like?” All of a sudden Shawnee stood and burst out into tears. “He was hideous. Half animal, half bug, is the best way I can describe him. He changed into this form that was the strangest thing I have ever seen.””1

Oftentimes people describe balls of light materializing into a humanoid form:

“I could make out a circular shadow. It cast a blue light upon the ground. There were three balls of light that came out of it. They materialized into human-like figures.”2

“Once outside I saw these colorful balls of light. Some were still in the sky but some were on the ground and when they hit the earth they transformed into men.”3

“He appeared luminous but blue. His whole body shimmered. Later he explained to me that their bodies in their natural form were not solid, but they were beings of light. He said they could move back and forth between light and solid material, but it was tedious and for most part they did not take a solid form because people were more alarmed by a solid blue man.”4

Accordingly, there are many accounts of aliens going through solid structures, like a mountain. This implies almost a spiritual dimension to the phenomenon. We all know that Einstein proved that Energy and Matter are ultimately one in the same. Therefore, technically it’s possible to wrap our heads around the possibility of going back and forth between light/energy and physical matter. However, it’s quite unimaginable how we could do such a thing in practice.

The big question is why are they here? A common theme in Sixkiller Clarke’s books is that they seeded life on this planet and others. Some native tribes have legends of coming from the stars. Aliens, in their opinion, are our ancestors. Then we have the whole genetic engineering aspect of the phenomenon. Aliens are said to create hybrid beings that are part human and part alien. These hybrids are said to be used for seeding other planets. Then there are reports of taking humans themselves to go live on other worlds. These are usually people without much of a connection to family or friends. Here is a quote concerning this matter:

 “Did he reveal if he abducted people and animals?” I asked. “Not for experimental reasons. He said that they had taken humans to seed other planets, but only with the individuals’ permission. He said there are many humans who are willing and enthusiastic about leaving the Earth and starting over. If they meet their rigorous psychological tests and are nonviolent, they can assist them in their desires. He said many planets shared the same atmosphere as Earth, but not in our solar system. If the atmosphere was not conducive to life, but had potential, their scientists were capable of altering the environment.”5

This certainly seems like a plausible purpose for such an advanced race. There are also reports of “downloading” human knowledge:

“They placed a helmet apparatus on my head. They said it allowed them to transfer all my knowledge to their data banks.”6

This is a technology that our scientists today dream of. What if we could download all of our memories and experiences and transfer them into a new body/brain? Then we could continue our life in a new body.

Sometimes, it seems, the aliens are here to collect samples from Earth. There are reports of aliens collecting rocks, plants, minerals, and soil. Of course, there are many reports of picking up animals of all types, often returning them in a mutilated state drained of blood with select organs removed. And curiously enough, their craft are very often spotted sucking up water from lakes. One report describes the purpose of this:

“The walls of the ship are hollow, and they fill the walls with water. The water serves as an insulator, a cooling agent when combined with certain chemicals, and drinking water after the chemicals are filtered out [….] On liftoff, the water acts as a propulsion system to help them, and once they are in space, the water is converted for other uses”7

Then we have to examine the extraordinary powers that these beings possess. They have the ability to put people into a trance. It is very often the case where the person abducted will be the only one consciously awake during the abduction, even though there are many others on board the craft. The abductee may approach one of the others and pinch them, yell at them or try to wake them from their stupor to no avail. For this reason, it is said that very few people actually remember the encounter. For most, there is no memory of the event.

More than that, they can knock people out who are near you when they abduct you. So you might wake up to the lights of a UFO, but when you try to wake family members who are with you they do not respond. Then you are abducted and returned without anyone else in the house or camp knowing because they were completely unconscious during the event.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole, there are cases where it seems like they in fact stop time itself. There are many reports where people describe an eerie silence descend in the wilderness as the sounds of insects cease.

“There was complete silence, which seemed strange to me. In the summers, there are always cricket sounds, mosquitoes buzzing, always some sound. But it was as if the world had stopped all sound.”8

So, whether it’s stopping time for all other beings in the area or simply putting them all into an unconscious sleep-like state, they are definitely able to control us in a deep way. I have read enough about the history of Trance and Hypnosis to know that the mind is capable of extraordinary things. When someone is under hypnosis, they can be convinced of the impossible. They can be made to believe that a certain object or individual is invisible, for instance, so that when they awaken from their trance they will literally not see the person or object even though they have no recollection of the suggestion made under hypnosis. A cold piece of metal can be placed on their arm, but if they are told it is a hot iron their arm will show burn marks accordingly and the person will feel pain.9 Those are just a couple of the many amazing ways hypnotists are capable of manipulating us when in a deep trance.

So it must be at this deep level of mind that these beings are working. They are able to paralyze and control us at a subconscious level, putting people into trances so that they cooperate and don’t remember the event. This is often the case, too, when people just feel compelled to take a certain route or go to a certain location where they have an encounter.

Why do some people remain conscious and remember? Occasionally maybe some people are capable of resisting their mind control. At other times, they may be kept conscious for other reasons. That is, if you believe it at all.

In some instances, the aliens have prophecies or warnings for humanity. These prophecies usually run the gamut of humans are destroying the Earth and there will come a time of destruction and renewal. We already are well aware of the poor state of our environment from years of pollution and overconsumption. So, this could just be subconscious information being relayed by perceived beings, whether the site of those beings is internally generated or involve an objective external presence. One future revelation I found interesting due to the current COVID-19 situation. Here is what a Mayan elder told Sixkiller Clarke when she visited the Yucatan:

“They said diseases, no food, and wars would destroy the Earth as we know it […]“There will be diseases at first. People will be afraid to leave their homes. Food will become scarce because there will be no one to produce it. Then the wars will come.”10

Occasionally they’ll make reference to a person’s destiny, implying that they know something about that person’s future. One man talked about the time tall, muscular, shimmering blue beings saved him in Vietnam because he was destined to become a healer among his people. There are also reports of meeting one’s future spouse on a UFO. One man describes seeing a woman on board the UFO briefly and he just knew that one day he would marry her. He says that he felt the Star People approved. He later met her at a Powwow in real life and they did indeed become married.11

The nature of time is a little too deep to get into, but if time is a dimension maybe it’s possible to operate on a dimension outside of time. It would be like a 2-D being suddenly being raised into the third dimension of space and seeing the entire 2-D world all at once. In essence, we could access a dimension “above” time and see all time at once. The fact that all time could actually exist in an ever present NOW raises all sorts of questions. Is it possible to change the future if it already exists? Are there multiple time streams dependent upon decisions made? If you’re willing to go that far it’s not much of a step to just say all possibilities exist. We are just maneuvering our way through these possibilities with every decision made.

One of the disturbing aspects of the phenomenon is the many reports that aliens lack emotion. An elder named Sam (pseudonym) was asked by Sixkiller Clarke about aliens who abduct and perform medical tests on people. His response was:

“They are no longer humans. They intentionally bred from their race the ability to feel love, compassion, and pain—all emotions. They believed it would make for a better world. One without emotions could lead to greater advancement.”12

Expressionless, robotic aliens are quite common, but this is not always the case. Sometimes people feel a deep love and sense of connection with the beings. Emotions do cause a lot of problems in our society. Emotions lead to war, irrational decisions and many other problems. It is logical to think that in the future there will be a call to weed out, or at least tamper down, our emotionality in an effort to create a better society. Merging with technology could speed this along. If we incorporate computer parts into our bodies we may find that aspects of ourselves are lost. This is the scariest part of the Alien literature in my opinion. Emotions give live such breadth and meaning. Without them, we are mere robots and I cannot imagine living in a world without them.

Back to the question we started with: Why don’t they just hover over a major city or land next to one and reveal themselves in a big way?

They often seem to avoid being seen. Most often encounters are in rural areas and, when seen, the aliens quickly get back in their craft and take off. One woman who saw a landed UFO in a valley and approached it reported that the alien told her:

“He said that throughout history his people had visited earth. In the early days of Earth’s history, they interacted with humans and even worked with them. But today it is different. With our advanced technology, the risk of interacting with humans has taken on a greater risk and is forbidden by his people.”13

Indeed, we are too scary for them to come down and just shake hands. You have to, as well, consider that maybe such a move would be unethical. Is it right to interfere in a species development? Maybe species are better off left untouched to develop in their natural ways. Occasionally they can be nudged in a certain direction, but a hands-off approach might be the norm.

It seems strange that they wouldn’t at least want to help us solve some of our problems, even if they didn’t reveal everything they know. However, the dangers of interacting with humans on an open, equal basis may outweigh the possible benefit. They want to stay hidden in the shadows, and who can blame them. Maybe they are influencing, or implanting knowledge in, select individuals covertly to try and help.

Then again, maybe all of these reports are just hallucinations, people making up stories and nothing more. Surely, there is some of that going on. However, it seems hard to believe that the whole phenomenon can be boiled down to aberrant psychology considering how widespread the reports are.

We have a recent New York Times story in which it was revealed that the military is, to this day, still investigating UFOs. In the article they state that a small group of government officials and scientists “say they are convinced that objects of undetermined origin have crashed on earth with materials retrieved for study.”  Eric Davis, a subcontractor and consultant for the Pentagon UFO program, said that in some cases examination of materials has led him to believe that “we couldn’t make it ourselves.”14

In Sixkiller Clarke’s books there is at least one report of a crash where military officials came in, closed the place off, and took away all of the material on big trucks covered by tarps. There are many other reports of this happening. This may seem unbelievable because, surely, someone would talk. There has to be a whole team of people to come in and retrieve materials. Then again, even if one of them talked, who would believe them? Military officials probably lie and say that it was an experimental military aircraft that they recovered.

If there is, in fact, nothing to these experiences except misidentification and hallucination then there sure are a lot of people who are hallucinating similar experiences. Of course, it could be a dream-like phenomenon that occasionally bleeds over into physical reality. The marks on the body of abductees could be like the marks a hypnotist can induce by telling someone they are being burned with a hot poker, when in actuality they are being touched by cool metal. I think this phenomenon could very well be multi-dimensional—part physical, part mental. UFOs and aliens are said to be able to disappear and reappear instantly. This is what we would expect of dreams, not physical reality. Maybe the phenomenon is trying to teach us that the world of dreams and that of physical reality aren’t that far apart after all.

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